If you are planning on visiting our festival and are royalty, please be so kind as to let us know. Our king and Queen love hosting visiting royals and we need to know your titles so that introductions may be made! [email protected]

king gregory the grey

King Gregory the Grey

Warrior King of Dragon Croft, Arch-Duke of Arden, Lion of the realm and liege lord of our kingdom. He fought bravely and tirelessly in the battles to liberate Dragon Croft and is a kind and generous King.

Queen Annwynn

Wielded her staff and bow beside her King in the final battles to liberate the Kingdom of Dragon Croft. Be warned that our warrior Queen is both lovely and very capable

queen annwynn
sir bruce

Sir Bruce Duke of Kocher

Goodly friend and right hand to the King.

In the final battle for the kingdom, Sir Bruce and his dragon Meanerella charged into the fray to distract a giant orc and give everyone a chance to fall back and regroup. His bravery helped turn the tide of the war.

The Lady Tangwystl ferch Daffyd

My name Tangwystl means “pledge of peace”  Ferch is “daughter of.”  Born the daughter of a Welsh nobleman, Daffyd (David) ap (son of) Llewellyn, I was once married but divorced my husband, as is my right by  Welsh customs.  I was given by my father as a peace pledge to the Kingdom of Dragoncroft and now serve her majesty as Lady in Waiting.  I am honored in her service to have also become her friend.  I am Tangwystl, daughter of David, friend, and companion to her Majesty Queen Annwynn of Dragoncroft.

lady tangwystl
lord archibald

Lord Archibald & Lady Shimmer Twinkle Leaf 

Protectors of the fairy realm

During the wizard wars, they fought valiantly beside our King and  Queen and gathered the oppressed fae of the land to the cause.

Lady Adelia  Hákonardottir

Neice of a Germanic king she is friend and companion to our Royal Court

lady adelia