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The Kingdom With A Cause

Who are we? We are a Renaissance & Privateer group currently located out of Theodore, Alabama. We have found a new, permanent home at the Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival.  Founded in 2009, The Kingdom is a small but dedicated & growing, social and charitable group, of local  Alabama,  Mississippi, and  Floridians,  who enjoy getting together in historical garb, educating the public about history, supporting worthy causes and having a really good time doing it!

We are knowledgeable about Renaissance, Medieval & Privateer history, and enjoy sharing what we know. Including medieval & ancient sea fairing games, stories, dances, language, medieval cooking & crafts.

We are a community active group that participates in many different venues, we paint faces, sing songs, sword, and staff fight, tell stories and give living history lessons. We raise funds for worthy causes, everywhere from Renaissance Faires, Blood Drives & Health Fairs, Hospital Fun Days, United Cerebral Palsy & Penelope House fundraisers, the Mobile Chocolate Festival, and the Hog Wild BBQ Championships along with museum, movie, library, school programs, and event openings.

During the Fall & Winter months, we usually appear in Renaissance Court garb including King & Queen knights, ladies, bards and guild masters. Spring & Summer you can usually find us running amuck as the Dragon Croft Privateers (in Privateer/Pirate garb).

As a member of several Pirate Confederations and Renaissance Groups along the Gulf Coast. We are frequently called upon to assist, with various events and charities, and have found that we not only enjoy these endeavors but that they allow us to give back to our community in a fun and educational way. So if you are involved in a fundraising event & could use the help of our Kingdom, Please let us know & if you can be worked into our schedule, know that we will be happy to help.

You can contact us at:                                       
[email protected]
or find us on FaceBook at The Kingdom of Dragon Croft