Group Opportunity Invitation

In 2016 the first Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival, a family friendly festival, with the atmosphere of a historical European village faire of the 800-1600’s, was successfully held in Greenville, Alabama. Historical craftsmen, merchants, jousters, musicians and blacksmiths all made this a truly family friendly, educational weekend. The next festival will be held on March 23rd 24th and 25th 2018 and could be a function for your group to participate in for fun and profit.

Your group could rent a booth space for the 3-day fair and vend historical wares, or charge for games or contests. The group would receive a specified number of paid daily passes each day for your group/driver, with discounted tickets available for extra family and friends. To do this, your group would need to rent a space, dress in simple costumes and speak with a few “Old-English” words.
If accepted, whether you vend or not, your group could be invited to perform and receive passes for all performers/driver(s) along with discounted price tickets for family/friends attending with them that day. Your group could be invited and agree to perform one program, several programs for a day or so, or the entire 3-day weekend. Your singing group could perform “madrigals”, group singing games, etc. Does someone in your group hand quilt, knit carve, spin, weave, cane furniture, dip candles,, narrate/act in an intriguing tale, teach a craft or demonstrate other traditional handcrafts? Could your group perform a play – possibly with audience participation – with “Old English” words sprinkled here and yon? Some performing groups might be allowed to “pass the hat” or be paid by us in addition to daily passes and reduced price tickets. If invited, your group would receive a written offer detailing what we expect and what you may expect from us. Vending space as well as performance time/space is limited, so contact us as soon as possible.

There are also  community service positions for groups, to help us with parking, errands, assisting cast or merchants, etc.

Your group would be expected to wear clothing of the period that is simple and comfortable enough to wear all day in any weather. Ideas, pattern sources, etc. are available on request or on-line at our web site. “Old English” speaking would be necessary for your group if they are speaking as part of their performance (Shakespeare-style play, narrating a fairy-tale, etc.). More information regarding group participation, costume ideas, etc. is available on our website at, or contact us at:
[email protected]

Please let us know as soon as possible if your group is interested so we can reserve you area/stage to perform or your group space to vend. This will also give your group time to discuss, gather ideas. Add this activity to your calendar, obtain period clothing, and polish your performance

Ps If you are not a group, talented individuals are also welcome to apply!