• An informative, fun, educational and professional interactive entertainment experience that is unplugged from today’s high-stress rat race. The moment you step through the gates of the Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival and into the Kingdom of Dragon Croft, the 21st Century life as we know it vanishes into the cool wooded landscape and the transition to the year  815  and to the Kingdom of Dragon Croft, begins. Visitors enter a Renaissance/Medieval world of discovery and adventure, a place of pleasure, creativity, laughter, and enchantment. They will be able to meet Historical recreation groups, Knights, Fairies, Privateers, Pirates and more. Although we take a broad sweep of history, embracing King Arthur to Robin Hood through Queen Elizabeth or about 800 – 1600 AD, our event is based in the 800’s.  This Festival is held once a year for a full 5 weekends ( with the first year of 2016 being a one weekend only preview event) of entertainment and pageantry as history comes alive with hundreds of costumed characters re-creating a 9th Century European Marketplace. It’s a 30+-acre village nestled in the forest and meadows, complete with castles, cottages, kitchens and pubs, filled with activities. You’ll find music, comedy and theater, food and drink, fine hand-made arts and crafts, artisan demonstrations, games and rides. 

Please remember that this festival is held outdoors in a very natural setting; You may wish to bring bug spray, comfortable shoes, a hat and sunscreen. In short the same kinds of things that you would have on hand for a day hike or a beach trip.