This site has been built from years of research, notes, public domain art, going to other faires, public and private input and internet content. If anyone has been misquoted, plagiarized, misspelled, or mishandled in any way, please be assured that it was entirely accidental!

When we state that "unplugging from today's high-tech world is good for you," there are plenty of studies that support that. However, we are not doctors, nor are we attempting to deliver medical or psychological advice.

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Please know that our festival site is 32 acres and is VERY rustic.

Paths and grounds are uneven, restrooms are privies (port-o-potties). It is, as we said, very rustic. There are creeks and a pond, in which there is No Swimming Allowed! Gullies, trees, wild life and all the things that go along with a festival in the woods. Please take extra care with your children here. 

We are here for fun and frolic. That is our sole intent. Anything else is purely accidental.

All characters are fictional - any similarity to anyone living or dead is coincidental.