Volunteer Application

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Phone     ___-_____-_______E mail____________________________Age _____

I would be available for these weekends_________________________Student day?__

Previous experience at renaissance faire?  yes___ no___ If yes where and what did you do? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Possible jobs or tasks available that will require period clothing: Greeters at the entrance gate, General ambiance (interacting with the public), Stamping hands at the entrance gate, Running messages, Chess or Checker Board Masters,  Human Taxi driver, Water wench, Hot stones man, Banner bearers, Close of day persons, Trash collection, Parking, Site safety, Pages to the Royals
 ( this position may require more upscale garb). Visiting Royals are possible with the correct garb.
 The following roles do not require period clothing: Set up, preparing festival site on weekends the month before festival

. Take down, removing festival
 related things from the festival site the week or weekend after the last weekend of festival


Please list the jobs or tasks you would like to do, guild recommendations will be made accordingly.

1.             ________________________________________________________________________

2.             ________________________________________________________________________

  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the details of a job you are interested in to and return application

via e mail to : Volunteer@almff.com

   Thank you
  All participants will enter the festival site at the driveway indicated with the sign “Participant Entrance”. The first actions upon arrival are to sign in at “Site Safety”, receive your faire gate pass, and current information. You will then be directed to the appropriate area for parking, or setup. You must be “Gate Listed” to enter the Festival through the participant’s entrance.  All participants are subject to having their ID checked.  Wrist band ID passes must be worn on wrists or ankles to be in the parking, or Festival site at any time. These bands will be checked!  A replacement ID band can be purchased for $5.00.  Do not give your pass to anyone else.  This will result in dismissal from the festival of both parties.

Our volunteers are important to us!

Come Join the Ambassadors Guild!

Do you help out with a local volunteer theater group?

Did you love being in your high school play or

your college drama class?  

Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival, like any renaissance style faire or festival, depends on its volunteers. 

It is fair to say that every participant is a volunteer, some just more than others.  We all come out because we are willing to help each other create an experience of history, fun, and imagination. We each contribute our part in creating a medieval village at festival time that invites families to enjoy a day in the European Renaissance (8th-16th centuries).

Volunteering has its perks! Mistress Jennifer is the guild mistress of the Ambassadors guild, she can tell you all about it!

Free entrance to festival, a special, designated volunteer-only pavilion, lots of new friends, and a sense of accomplishment, to name a few.  Almost all participants at faire need to be "garbed" appropriately as a person of the Medieval period.  Some roles that require participants to be in garb include greeters at the entrance gate, general ambiance (interacting with the public), stamping hands at the entrance gate, running messages, trash collection, parking, site safety, etc.  There are some types of work where garb is not necessary, for example, preparing the faire site on weekends the month before faire, set up and take down of faire, cleaning up the festival site the week or weekend after faire, and weekly once over.