Letter from Dragon Lord Scalaris

The Crown is concerned enough that they have had the Kingdom Dragon Lord correspond with other Dragon Lords and ask for assistance. Below are links to all the missives they exchange:

​​The Great Dragon Egg Adventure 2020

Well friends it seems that there has been mischief afoot in the Kingdom!

The young Imps that were visiting our Whispering Woods have nicked this seasons new dragon eggs as a prank and have forgotten where they hid them!

If you should be so lucky as to find one

PLEASE take a picture and send it to us

(on our Facebook Page or by email)

telling us where you found it so that we may send them to collect the eggs back up and return them to their mothers. The dragon mothers are very  upset that their eggs are missing and we would like to get them all returned!

Your photo entry will get you entered into a random drawing for a free ticket to ALMFF 2020

Please do not keep the eggs


they rarely hatch for humans and dragon babies are VERY hard to care for, unless you are a mother dragon of course. If you see different sizes or a gap or cracks in the egg do not be alarmed (no, they are NOT hatching) dragon eggs grow with the baby dragons, unlike other eggs.

Good luck, thank you in advance and keep your eyes open for dragon eggs!

email your photos to [email protected] or

post them on Facebook and tag them