Baroness de Roullier

Her regal beauty shines within and without.

She presides over the last joust of the day and reports directly to the King and Queen.

You will find that she always makes time for a chat and a smile

Queen Annwynn

Wielded her staff and bow beside her King in the final battles to liberate the Kingdom of Dragon Croft. Be warned that our warrior Queen is both lovely and very capable

 Lord Archibald & Lady Shimmer Twinkle Leaf

Protectors of the fairy realm

 During the wizard wars they fought valiantly beside our King and  Queen and gathered the oppressed fae of the land to the cause.

Lord William of Lincolnshire

Herald & Steward to his Majesty David, King of Firenze

Will be traveling from his northern kingdom to teaching the dance class upon the Village Green  and in the Queens Garden on Saturday!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn to impress the kingdom ladies!

King Gregory the Grey

Warrior King of Dragon Croft,

Arch-Duke of Arden, lion of the realm and liege lord of our kingdom. He fought bravely and tirelessly in the battles to liberate Dragon Croft and is a kind and generous King.

King Rupert of the Kingdom of Tennessee with the

High Laird Chieftan, 

High'n Jim of the Irish Penny Brigade

If you are planning on visiting our festival and are royalty, please be so kind as to let us know. Our king and Queen love hosting visiting royals and we need to know your titles so that introductions may be made! info@almff.com

Sir Bruce Duke of Kocher

Goodly friend and right hand to the King.

In the final battle for the kingdom, Sir Bruce and his dragon Meanerella charged into fray to distract a giant orc and give everyone a chance to fall back and regroup. His bravery helped turn the tide of the war

Queen Kayleigh-Faye Tomlin

From the Southern Kingdom of Grand Bay 

​where she wears the crown of Watermelon Queen.  She will be visiting our kingdom for festival and tis our honor to host her.