Putting up the fence

The Jousting field is ready for knights, Huzzah!

Woven fence, goat tight! for the Retriever Soap Works space. What a great vendor spot, for the goats too!

Building the Gate Hall

Jousting field

after Dozier and sand

John Haire,

Tractor Jousting?

Kings Row

The Garden Path

John Skipper,

Road Builder Extraordinaire!

Front Towers Complete




finally finished

Long days of labor

We have fabulous volunteers!

Chicken wire and cement sheets.

The Tower Bones, John & Les

Everything is growing in beautifully!

Oak Hall

The fence all in

Some of the build team! Bless them one and all!

A roof to keep the rain off

The bones of "Oak Hall"

Fence, sod, and aisle going in.

The beginning of the Queen's Garden

Extra wide for two-lane traffic!

The West side of what will be the pirate cove after a few work weeks and some grass seed!

After weed and seed and lime!

Pretty parking!

with just a bush hog

This page will attempt to help you peek inside the building of the festival.
From the driveway, which was made extra wide to handle two-way traffic to the various builds,

check back often to see the faire unfold!