Gothic Edge

Gothic Edge has been in business for over 17 years, selling swords and knives, both historical and fantasy and from fun to functional.  They also have jewelry both stainless steel and sterling silver, kilts, home decor items, feast gear, flags and assorted cool historical reproduction items. They love being able to help customers find the perfect items that bring them joy!

Caledonia Cloth

Yes we have a weaver! Come marvel at the textile artistry!

Arduinna's Forest

 A world of Fantasy in clay - dragons, fairy houses, even fantastic journal covers!

Visit the website at

or check ArduinnasForest out on Etsy

The Twisted Unicorn

Lady Feri has been feeding groups of people as The Twisted Unicorn for  many years. Hungry fighters and patrons alike appreciate the good and affordable food! (Please note this Menu and its prices are subject to change due to the availability of produce in the area, and event site restrictions.) 

For our Vegetarian and gluten-free friends, we have items for you as well and will be posting those menus as we finalize the selection. We do our best to have options for everyone. If you have Allergies, please let our staff know at the time of ordering so that we can adjust accordingly. 

The Dinner Special offered at the Twisted Unicorn changes daily at events.

Two Snakes Apothecary and Jewelry

TwoSnakes Oils, Apothecary and More. All my products are handmade by me and my family. We use 100% all natural products and high grade essential oils in all the apothecary and healing products. All jewelry and metal craft can special ordered and designed. The Whitfield Clan can be found at several faires from Texas to Alabama.


The Kingdom of Dragon Croft offers an amazing festival shopping experience!

​Shopping includes everything from hand crafted soaps and lotions, to blown glass, wood work, baskets, jams and jellies, dipping sauces, hand woven goods and bags, swords, from wooden to steel, clothing, calligraphy, fairy gardens and such, leather work and so much more

(​Want to come merchant your wares as a vendor? Visit our Forms page!)

Appalachian Archery 

Makers of fine English long bows and more

A Little Tipsy Costumes

Purveyors of all things larp


​The Fairy Potter

Mistress Kara and her friends have hands on demonstrations of the ancient art of coil pottery and wood firing!

​Stop in and see their beautiful collection and get your hands dirty!!

Elegant Designs​

Hand crafted wings and fairy wear

The Rusty Rose

Your one stop Lila Rose hair accessories 

Check out her wares online!

The little shop with a bit of everything
 A special boon from the craft guilds was granted as they were mixed artisans. Here you will be encouraged to try on, inquire about the crafts or buy, if you please. You may find the ladies hard at work on their next project but they most gladly give instruction and if there be a lull they may even let you try your hand at needlecraft while visiting. 

Stringer Armory

 returns to the Kingdom of Dragon Croft.
Didn't think we would forget grown up armor did you? Hand made armor and shields for the knight about town.​
Stringer Armory (medieval shields by Ray on Facebook) are honored to join in the celebration of Christmas at the keep. We make medieval shields and viking rounds. Children's shields. Paintings and now fairy gardens. 
The holy order of the templar knights are at your service. Help us by buying our shields to defend your knights and castle. You will help us to take back Jerusalem from the Saracen army.

​Celestial Chainmail

​The finest Elven Chain in the land

click to preview their offerings

Fairy Faces

The lovely Mistress Mandy and friends will have you and your child all ready for your meeting with the fairies, they LOVE sparkles you know! Fairy make-up and face painting, wings and fairy dust.

Dragonfly Armory

Wondrous works!

Gary Patterson Creations

Meet upcoming  artist and fantasy fabricator

​Gary Patterson

Preview his work at

​F​B: Patterson CreationZ Inc.

Viking Leather Works and L & L Whips

​Leather work from ages past, Carved, Stamped colored and hand stitched in unique and ancient patterns. The ancient art of hand braided whips  lives! 

Not to miss demonstrations here!

Retriever Soap Works

Mistress Erden and Master Merry are masters of their craft.

Their  wonderful soaps, lotions and balms have become known throughout the seven kingdoms and are sought after throughout Alabama and the Gulf Coast of Florida. Using the milk from their own herd of goats, all of their soaps are made by hand- Ingredients are all natural and most are so pure you could eat them (before they become soap, of course). Wonderful aromas come from the addition of scented oils distilled from plants.  Colors may come from naturally from the ingredients themselves or are created by the addition of botanicals or minerals. 

If you plan well, you may see Mistress Pat at a milking demonstration - both Mistress Pat and Master Merry are on hand to answer all your questions about medieval soap making!​

Be sure to plan a stop at their market stall, meet the goats and the good artisans that keep them.
Visit Retriever Soapworks on Facebook

Their beard oil is known across the 7 realms and is used by King Gregory himself!

And don't forget the Beard Contest on Saturday & Sunday afternoons -

judged by the lovely ladies of Chaste Treasure!

The Irish Penny Brigade

This wonderful group runs our kingdom's Hero Quest. The ultimate kingdom scavenger hunt.

K&D Castings

Amazing & beautiful concrete castings for your castle or garden!

See more on 

Arts Emporium
Mistress Ashleigh Scribewell can turn
your special moments into everlasting treasures with her amazing calligraphy. A personalized love letter or anniversary or birthday wishes, get them here. While showcasing the assorted art

​and artisans of the group. Painters, writers, sword dancers, actors, and artists of all kinds, you will find here.

Preview some art here: 

Sword Circle

Come test your skill with Fight a Knight

Make your own hand dipped candle or try your hand at the long bow. Or just come by and watch a live steel sword fight demonstration. Lots to see and do at this encampment! 

Visit them online at

or on Facebook

Henderson’s Hearth: 

Henderson’s Hearth has been bringing

the traditional Celtic recipes for soups and baked goods, in the form of easy to prepare mixes, to 5 states and on-line at the website. Oh, and let’s not forget those jams! Amy has been participating in ALMFF since the first year and is proud to be a resident of the Keep! 


 Nutt’N Better: 
 Now coming to Dragoncroft!  Roasted fresh on site, just follow the aroma to Nutt’N Better and ask for a sample! 

The Tapeworm Project

The Tapeworm project was founded in Europe during the late 1980s. It was group of artists who shared ideas and knowledge. Today Andrew aka Worm carries on the name and tradition he and the now deceased founders started giving a place for artists and craftsmen an outlet to show and sell their wares. Andrew makes historically accurate leather goods along with some metal crafts. You never know what you may find at his booth.

Peruse their goods at their website

on Instagram:1tapeworm3

or on Facebook @tapewormproject

Steampunk Butterfly

Turn of the century steam punk and more 

​come in and browse you'll be surprised by something unique

Henna By Sabah

Come see the ancient art of henna,

enjoy the aroma of age old oils in this heavenly fragranced mix, and get yours at faire this season!

Get a preview of her wonderful work

on her Facebook page - 


Tastee Blizzard Shaved Ice

​Tastee frozen magic!

Iron Oak Forge

Our young smith Master Peavy will be forging and working the magical metal craft that is blacksmithing all day ,both days.

Need hinges ,feast gear, great hooks  be sure to stop by and see him


The Ram & Poni

​Some of the tastiest festival food around and Turkey Legs!

In Old Norse, the word "folkvardr" meant 'guardian of the folk'

Folkvardrs Heathen Supply, LLC is committed to guarding our history and heritage for future generations, and it is our pleasure to offer you a
growing selection of products chosen to celebrate that heritage.

Dragon's Breath Forge

Come see master glassblower Jeremy Thomas as he performs demonstrations and displays his creations. Jeremy has been traveling with his art for almost 14 years. Prepare thyself to be amazed by this ancient art form!

Preview his  work on Facebook

 jthomasglassarts/dragons breathglassworks

or on his website


Gems and Lace

​Offering a fine variety of Gems, crystal wire wrapped jewelry and crochet items 

The Copper Kettle Tea Bar

These wonderful folks will be sponsoring our fairy tea,  but be sure to stop by their space and purchase aromatic teas and such to take home or get a hot cup to enjoy at faire!

The Lady in Black

Corsetry, Hats, shoes, fans and Gowns for M'Lady
Feast your eyes upon silks and linens, fine accoutrements  for  nobles to  merchants.


At the front and of course the top of the jousting field!

Avalon Sisters

Ebru silk art, hand crafted jewelry, leather work and hair decoration.

New this year, fairy floss!

Flea Hop Pottery.

Mistress Chris will have many new and  lovely designs to choose from for your feast and pottery ware pleasure. 

And is always happy to speak with you about custom orders. You can find her wonderful shop at the top of the jousting field.

​Be sure to visit their site at