Beyond the Myst
The Olde Code


The Royal Academy of Performing Arts at Dragon Croft

RAPA  helps train the actors and performers that portray our villagers, peasants, roving street shows and some of our stage performances are their original comedies.

They also help to teach our medieval manners class to gentles and visiting royals, that will be dining, taking tea or tastings with the Dragon Croft court. They choreograph the sword and staff altercations and the occasional outburst of a chantey or two that may lead to anything from a duel, to a rat pucking. After all of that, they PRACTICE- PRACTICE- PRACTICE! For at least eight weekends before the faire, and then they entertain you, our esteemed guests. So when you see our traveling players, performing in the lanes or by the kitchens remember that they are starving actors so send a few crowns to their tip pots, for poor actors must eat & drink as well!

If you are interested in volunteering, working or acting at our faire, or if you have a wish to donate props or materials or even to hire actors for your event,  please be so kind as to inquire at the Academy, one of the masters there will be helpful, we are sure of it.

By royal proclamation the “Tanglewood Theatrical Services” team runs our kingdoms academy, they also perform year round from their home at the University of South Alabama, at, Schools, libraries, openings, corporate, educational and organizational venues & events.

Some of the instructors at the Academy are also talented authors.

Their books contain beautiful artwork as well as amazing stories of King Arthur.​

One of them, "Beyond the Myst", is being made into a movie. Check out