Video of the inaugural festival (2016) shot and provided by Jo Anne Schnick Prewitt, Thank you! See a longer video - go to

If you wish to be a volunteer player or cast performer, artisan, or vendor,  read this !

​If you are a patron this does not apply to you however you will find some great information on festival clothing and behavior here.

Printable PDF copies of all rules are available by clicking buttons <<<

Note that a signed copy of the PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT must accompany any Artisan / Merchant / Entertainer application.

                                                     VENDOR/ ARTISAN/ ENTERTAINER RULES                                                                               

Management will review conflicts with the following rules and management's decision will be enforced, and is of course FINAL:

1.      Product must reflect the renaissance/ medieval theme of this event.

2.      Demonstrations must be performed with the safety of the patron in mind.

3.     All personnel working in the vendor booth must be dressed appropriate for the festival dress code. Please ask for help if you require it, we are here to make sure this a fun and prosperous event.

4.     Booths may be decorated as desired if kept within the renaissance theme and approved by the Vendor Coordinator. The color purple should not be used in booth decorations or clothing (it’s reserved historically for royalty).

5.    Modern conveniences must not be visible to patrons.

6.    All hawkers must be respectful of performances in their area. Hawkers may call out a description of vendor wares or demonstration times.

7.    Vendor booths must be open entire festival day; 9:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.  Never leave booth unattended, ALMFF is in no way responsible for any loss, theft or damage.

8.    Vendor vehicles must be off site by 9:00 AM.  Vehicles may be parked in Park area. See Site Map for road access.  West Vendors need to use West Road and East vendors the East Road for access to their booths.  Please maintain 10 mph or less on the private road.  Speed above 10 mph can be hazardous to the people and wild life that live here and also damage the road. Do not come in through the patron walk-in gate in your car/truck.

9.    Sales tax will be the sole responsibility of the individual vendor/ artisan/ merchant/ or entertainer.

10.   Booths will be periodically inspected for safety hazards; all booths MUST have a fire extinguisher per Alabama State law.

11.  ALMFF will not be responsible for loss, theft or damage of goods, persons, or property.