Scottish jester, Pocket the Fool!  
 - A lad born of English parents in a Scottish village, he was trained in the priory, traveled with Romini, sailed with Pirates, and even performed for Robert the Bruce himself!  Currently, he is traveling the land looking for any mischief he can get into

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The Egilsson Society

              A living history society that brings to its audiences a glimpse of the daily lives of both Eastern and Western mercenaries in Mercenary Camp during the 17th Century.  The Egilsson Society offers exciting unchoreographed live steel fighting and everyday activities such as blacksmithing, weaving, cooking, gambling and many other activities required to keep a mercenary camp running smoothly.  It is the Society’s honor to bring its passion and expertise to every show it does.

Mercy the Mermaid

We are so excited that Mercy the Mermaid will be visiting our faire kingdom in 2019. 

Visit her at Mermaid's Cove from 3:30 to 5 of the clock.

She has agreed to visit on both days of Faire.

Comedia del Arte Mobile are bringing a portion of their movie project to faire! Beyond the Myst: The Lost Years of King Arthur. A new interpretation of an ancient legend. When three friends took up the challenge a new life was given to the legend of King Arthur. They began their project as a series of four novels. It has since blossomed into a community art project now known as the Beyond the Myst Movie.

  Butler County Humane Society

Lady Kimber says come by and get your fur friends lovin'

Joey 5

The most amazing lane magic in the 7 realms!

​Joey has been hosted by many kingdoms throughout the lands, his show never fails to bring gasps and giggles. Catch him in the lanes and on the Halfway Hideaway stage on Kings Row

Commedia del Arte Traveling Players

Website - Facebook

Shari Prestwood: Owner, director and playwrite for Commedia
         They craft a unique theater experience for players and audience members alike. She is a graduate of the University of South Alabama with degrees in Theater, History, Spanish, and English Literature. She is an accomplished playwrite, poet and author. Their current projects included: Beyond the Myst Lost Years Of King Arthur The Official Movie,  Beyond the Myst the book, Timothy Gawain Dragon Extraordinaire, The Olde Code Tales of Arthurian Legend . 

Ashley Kuppersmith: Assistant Director and Art Director
She is an artist specializing in illustration, watercolor and calligraphy. She is a devout equestrian and has shown in the hunter/ jumper circuit. Current projects include: Beyond the Myst Official Movie where she serves as Art Director. She is in charge of fabricating movie props and setting the magic of the scenes. Illustrator for Beyond the Myst book and The Olde Code. Performer for Kymry Sword Dancers. Accomplished sword woman. Owner of Risk Studios.

 Nicole Schlaudecker: Stage manager for the company. She is an author and has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and English  from the University of South Alabama. Her current projects include:
Beyond the Myst, The Olde CodeMayhawk series, and the Greenman Sons of Tara series.

Stephanie Evers-Ard: Web Master / senior player  is a research librarian for the University of South Alabama. She has a Masters Degree in English from the University of South Alabama. She is married to Dr. Franklin Ard. Serving faithfully to making sure the websites of the troupe work properly. She is a proud cat parent.
Alice Dennis: Publicity /senior player, is a true character performer. There is no costume that is daunting and no character part she cannot play.   She is married and has five children. 
Trista Lackey: Publicity Eastern Shore/ senior player serves as  a public librarian in the Fairhope Library. She has traveled extensively and is always in search of higher learning. She is a proud cat parent and is married.
Dana Reeves: Public Liaison/ senior player Ambassador for the troupe to the public. She works for the state of Mississippi as a social worker. She is married and is a proud pet parent to five dogs and four cats. She has degrees from the University of South Alabama and Mobile College.  
Mary Ann Toubhy:/ senior player  A retired nurse. She enjoys running in marathons and usually wins for her age division. At seventy years of age she has many children, grandchildren and a few great grandchildren. she is full of life and gives the younger members a run for their money.
New cast mates:
 Anna Wheeler :  currently working at the University of South Alabama on her degree and is  planning on joining the Air Force     
 Christy Barnette: Most recent addition to the company. She has four daughters and enjoys Irish Dance and photography.  

 Current Production schedule for Commedia del Arte:
 Romeo hates Juliet- Sunday September 30th Downtown Daphne, Al.  during the Daphne Jubilee Festival.
  written and directed by Shari Prestwood.
                                                               Sherlock Holmes and the Haunted Theater - Saturday November 10th at 7:30 pm  The Church of the Redeemer in Mobile.
 A full length play that is written and directed by Shari Prestwood.
 Puss and Boots - Saturday and Sunday at the Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival March 2019
 written and directed by Shari Prestwood.

   Website :  
Commedia del Arte | Facebook : Commedia del Arte of Mobile     
   contact : Shari Prestwood 251- 510-0654
Website: for movie and books:

Chaste Treasure

Chaste Treasure's trio of upperclass ladies bring a unique, soulful sound to sassy songs and modern parodies alike. Truly a "treasure" but questionably "chaste" their audience interaction is comical while their tight harmonies mean business.  From frolicking drinking songs to sea shanties and original folk tunes, Chaste Treasure has something for every music lover. Show Times on the Crown Stage at 1 & 3pm and 4:30

​They will also be judging the Beard and Mustache competition in front of Retriever Soap Works

Lord High Sheriff

​M'Lord Almos't  & Sir Tenly Dangerous

​Together they are ...Almost certainly dangerous! They keep the peace in our faire village, making sure all weapons are peace tied and that scoff laws and brigands keep their date with the stocks!

Farthing Fourthpenny

Quiet medieval hilarity in the lanes!

Kracker Dan Minstrels

A very musical family group that will keep the most discerning ear happy. Saturday & Sunday only

Have a taste:

As you journey through the Kingdom, you'll come across music and magic and who knows what other forms of merriment! 

​(If you are an entertainer looking to perform at faire please go to theForms page )

Erich Wildgrube


Will be doing book readings from "The Empress & The Archer" and signing at the travelers building stage on Kings Row.

Check his book out on Amazon

Friar Finnegan

With his medieval comedy and juggling skills

you will not want to miss his fun and funny performances

Photo credit: Angie K. Long.

Haggis Rampant

Will be returning this year, huzzah!

Haggis Rampant combines family dynamics with harmonizing bagpipes and a tribal drumbeat. Celts and non-Celts welcome. And the answer to that question? Boots and socks...

​This fabulous musical family of pipers and drummers has a show that you don't want to miss

Facebook  ~ Web Page

“Lady Sophia” ( Sophia Monday)Celtic and Medieval Harp [email protected]

With over 50 Irish and medieval tunes in her repertoire you are sure to find beautiful harp music to suit you! Be certain to bring your children by to lend an ear rumor has it (as the mother of 2 musical kids herself, she has a soft spot for the young) and she may even let them play a bit!

The Empress and the Archer


This graceful but deadly group of warrior women do a most beautiful sword dance!

Have your tip $$ ready you will want to donate to this great show.

Choreographed and performed by

Shari Prestwood and Ashley Kuppersmith

Ember the Fire Bender

Ember the Fire Bender, also known as "Mistress of Pain" is said to be raised by wolves and blessed by fairies. Mistress of fire, sharp objects, wiggles and squishy things...
She performs such "feats of strength" as belly dancing on glass and ascending a ladder of machetes. Ember is a strong woman, a fire eater, fire spinner, balloon twister and popper, belly dancer, glass walker and a pain-proof lady.
As always, she will summon members of the audience for participation in silly games and pain-proof adventures!
She also has a YouTube channel called
ThisTangledArtist where she interviews artists of all kinds about the connection between their artistic expression and mental health!

Find her on Instagram at @emberonewomanshow

Here are some videos: Fire Eating ~ Glass and Machete belly danceUnicycle and Juggling