Arachna's guild takes its name from Arachna, turned into a spider by the goddess Athene with the words "may you weave your webs forevermore". Members of the guild take up that challenge as we maintain not only the Kingdom website but also the myriad pieces that make up the Kingdom social media presence.

You can detect the fine hand of this guild at work on the website as well as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. As servants of the Crown have done for ages, we strive to make both Kingdom and Monarchs look good. As true arachnids, you may see our work but seldom see ourselves.

Shire Reeves Guild: What would be a modern Sheriff. Usually the chief peace officer of a county. The modern office of sheriff in the United States descends from a one-thousand-year-old English tradition: a "shire-reeve" (shire-keeper) is the oldest appointment of the English crown. Originally in Anglo-Saxon England the reeve was a senior official with local responsibilities under the Crown, e.g., as the chief magistrate of a town or shire. In our fair Kingdom the Sheriff and guild keep the peace, are on watch for mischief or theft, and are the first eyes and ears for law enforcement in the kingdom. They make certain that all weapons are peace tied and that our kingdom is a safe and joyful place to play. Our Lord High Sheriff will make your acquaintance at the opening ceremony and can be found in the kingdom all day.


This is the kingdoms historical guild 

​GuildMistress Cook is knowledgeable in her art and linguistics. This guild covers all the kingdoms historic encampments and the cookery at oak hall. The encampments currently covered by HERA are the Viking encampment on Dragon Fly Lane, The Normans of the Southern Sun on Kings Row, and the Kozaky encampment next to the Queens Garden. 

Each of these wonderful groups do hundreds of hours of research and builds to help to bring you a truly accurate medieval experience!

As farmers in the Kingdom saw good harvests and came up with more effective ways to work the land, people had more time to devote to other pursuits. Art, handicrafts - and with the rise in available goods came creation of a whole new class - the merchants.

Merchants, craftspeople, artisans - each group banded together and eventually those groups became guilds. 

Kingdom Guilds

Gundrun's Guild

All that moves upon the kingdom does so with the help of Gundrun's Guild and its guildmaster, Minister of Transport Lord Bryan. The guild is in charge of all things parking from barrel markers to signage  and making certain that carriages are parked according to the wishes of the Crown. 

Ice transport, and other essentials for the smooth running of the kingdom .Debris and midden removal along with the placement of fairy cans and butt buckets are also handled by this guild

Information on more Guilds to come...

You will find guild members throughout the Kingdom and you would be hard pressed to find anyone more dedicated to their crafts than them. They are both welcoming and knowledgeable, so ask questions as you make your way through the Festival and our fair Kingdom!

The Kingdom will be adding more guilds in the future; if you have a guild idea or request or need information on joining one of our wonderful guilds please reach out to us at 
[email protected]

Bards Guild:  Since oral tradition began there have been entertainers, storytellers, bards, dancers,magicians and musicians. All of these expressed the stories and often histories of their region through their art. In sixteenth century Italy Commedia Del Arte was born. It originally was the name of the style. Commedia dell Arte. Which translates to mean actors guild.

The style portrayed was with stock characters garbed in fancy attire and masked. This allowed the generally uneducated populace to guess and understand the type of character portrayed. Movements were generally very stylized to further bring out character traits. Since many could not read or write the"script" was a general story for the actors to follow. Many actors were cast in similar types of roles. This is were the term "type cast" came from. Generally if you were cast as the villain you were always the villain. As it grew more popular the tradition of improvisation was added. In this way the actors were able to contribute to and enhance the audience enjoyment of the story.

One unique aspect little known to most is that women and men were incorporated equally versus Shakespeare who never allowed women on the stage. Carrying on a unique blend of this style and our own flair the traveling company Commedia Del Arte is almost all women.