Arachna's Guildmistress

With the rest of Arachna's guild Mistress Merry Spellseeker and her guild deal with all things WEB related. If IT is your thing this is the guild for you! You may find the guildmistress most days at the Retriever Soapworks booth on Knights Cross

 Lady Tangwystl ferch Daffyd

 Was given by her father as pledge of peace to the Kingdom of Dragoncroft and she serves her majesty as Lady in waiting,

friend and companion to her Majesty

Queen Annwynn. 

Lord High Sheriff

​M'Lord Almos't  & Sir Tenly Dangerous

​Together they are ...Almost certainly dangerous! They keep the peace in our faire village, making sure all weapons are peace tied and that scoff laws and brigands keep their date with the stocks!  Lord Almos't is confirmed bachelor but as the Queen herself is very fond of him and feels he needs a goodwife to care for him she is always trying things to make him more appealing to the ladies.

The Irish Penny Brigade

Aiden n Abetting, and Gyratin' Penny are our

​hosts for the Hero's Quest. Find their space, donate for the quest and have a glorious time with the quest through the kingdom!

Get the riddles correct, learn the lessons, collect your marks, meet the King and Queen and add to your adventure

​Your 1$ donation helps with the building fund.

Minister of Transport

Master of the transportation guild Bryan Parrish covers all things moving onsite.

Got lots of energy? wish to get everywhere every faire day? this is the guild for you!


 Mistress Wilhelmina, Mistress Sue,

 Mistress Kelly, our exchequer Kat ,

 Leech Mistress Amber our healer and our gate runner Dree 

Are at  the front gate, with a smile,

ready to take your ticket, get you a map ,stamp your hand

or help your lost child.

Be sure to give them a big smile in return! 

Mistress Kay

Lovely and smiling wife of the Lord high Admiral

You may see her keeping score at the Rat Puck ( she does love her rats) or perhaps the front gate, keep a weather eye.

The Duke & Duchess of Kocher

Preside over the days first joust.

​Sir Bruce is Hand of the King.

You can meet them at the royal joust box

by the Field of Valor.

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Kingdom Crier

​Samuel Weeps

The kingdom version of news and weather man

Whether crying the hour for the next amazing joust or the Fairy tea you may see our crier on every lane and at every intersection of faire

The Lady Adelia  Hákonardottir

,Niece to a Germanic king, her hand was given in marriage to end a dispute with a Frankish Margrave. 
Lady Adelia could ride as well as any man, shoot an arrow and hit her target, along with her ax. Her uncle had kept her closel for he had great use of her blade, until he had greater use of her in a marriage contract.
Within the confines of marriage, Lady Adelia’s spirit had been quelled. The expectations of the Franks were different than those of her homeland. One had only to look in her icy blue eyes to see the untamed spirit lying just beneath her cool demeanor. It was within this marriage that she learned how to run a castle, and the servants within. However, her husband who was old enough to be her father had a heavy hand. He also had his eye higher than his station.
To this end he and his wife, along with several of his soldiers crossed a channel. A great mist settled over their vessel. So great and thick was this mist, that if one held their hand up in front of their nose, it could not be seen.  Panic began to creep into the souls of the soldiers.  Several days passed until the ship hit land.  Taken into custody, they were brought into a great room where a giant eight legged creature awaited.
Her husband it seemed had made pact with none other than the spider wizard himself!  Always seeking to better his station wanting to be more than just a Margrave, more than a Duke. He wanted to be King. They spent months within the keep, treated well enough, but yet, Lady Adelia did not like what she saw and heard. Something twisted in her gut, whispering in her ear that this was wrong.
One afternoon, she was out in the meadow, and met a small sprite. A friendship began. She told Lady Adelia of the fairy realm and of the constant battle that raged on with the evil spider wizard and his minions. Daily, Lady Adelia went out, always under a watchful eye of the  guards, but  the sprite was very small. It was she who set the meeting with King Gregory, his kingdom lay just beyond the mist.  
At this meeting, Lady Adelia met King Gregory the Grey and his wife and shield mate, Queen Annwynn, Lady Adelia agreed to pledge her sword for the right and just, to lift the oppression that the wizard and her own husband were placing upon the land and those within.
It was during the battle along the edges of Giggle Creek that Lady Adelia met her husband in battle, their swords clanged loudly against one another, as they fought. One for good and one for evil When the sunlight began to paint the sky once more, Lady Adelia stood, with a wound to her knee from his blade and her own blade stuck firmly in his chest.
Since the defeat of the Spider wizard and those that followed the eight legged foe, the land of Dragoncroft has only known peace and tranquility. Lady Adelia has found her place to call home, a place full of laughter and love. She has traveled  with the Royal Court as a friend and companion ever since.



We are so lucky to have  mermaids again this year !!

Mercy will be swimming in from down on the Gulf, all the way from New Orleans!  Catch her in the fairy realm between 3 and 5pm

Arachna's guildsman Scott

 Ambassadors Guildmistress

Lady Adelaide hosts the volunteer services that make up the Ambassadors Guild. She is the GoTo for everything volunteer related from green room tents to grazing tables if you are interested in volunteering she is the lovely lady to see. 

Arachna's guildsman Trey

Just a few of the inhabitants of the Kingdom; you will meet some as you enter the Kingdom, others you may encounter as you make your way around the Village.

Photo credit: Angie K Long