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 Lady Tangwystl ferch Daffyd

 Was given by her father as pledge of peace to the Kingdom of Dragoncroft and she serves her majesty as Lady in waiting,

friend and companion to her Majesty

Queen Annwynn. 

 Mistress Wilhelmina, Mistress Sue,

Mistress Marlene, Mistress Kelly, our exchequer Kat ,

  Mistress Amber & Dame Anita our healers and our gate runner Dree 

Are at  the front gate, with a smile,

ready to take your ticket, get you a map or stamp your hand

or help your lost child.

Be sure to give them a big smile in return! 

Mistress Jennifer

​Baroness of Philen

Guild Mistress of the Ambassador's Guild

Our long suffering and patient guildmistress handles vendor hospitality with quick wit and happy sarcasm. If you find yourself in need this is the woman to see!

Mistress Kay

Lovely wife of the Lord high Admiral

You may see her keeping score at the Rat Puck or perhaps the front gate, keep a weather eye.

The Duke & Duchess of Kocher

Preside over the days first joust.

​Sir Bruce is Hand of the King.

You can meet them at the royal joust box

by the Field of Valor.

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Just a few of the inhabitants of the Kingdom; you will meet some as you enter the Kingdom, others you may encounter as you make your way around the Village.

Photo credit: Angie K Long

The Lady Rehn Sagewind

​Hand of the Queen

Protector of the Whispering woods and the fairy realm. Loves to dance and asks only, that you respect the woods she so lovingly calls home! That means, thou should not throw things upon the ground,( fairies, pixies, and gnomes as well as most other forest dwellers HATE litter!) nor into Giggle Creek (it upsets the mer-folk and the water dryads)  She invites you to come and dance the Maypole dance with her and the court.

Lord High Sheriff

​M'Lord Almos't  & Sir Tenly Dangerous

​Together they are ...Almost certainly dangerous! They keep the peace in our faire village, making sure all weapons are peace tied and that scoff laws and brigands keep their date with the stocks!

The Irish Penny Brigade

Aiden n Abetting, and Gyratin' Penny are our

​hosts for the Hero's Quest. Find their space, donate for the quest and have a glorious time with the quest through the kingdom!

​Your 1$ donation helps with the building fund.