Anyone attending ALMFF as a vendor, volunteer, artisan, or entertainer should read and understand the Participant Agreement, Festival Site Rules, and Code of Conduct.

PLEASE NOTE  Vendor, and Entertainer applications must be accompanied by a signed copy of the Participant Agreement. 


Want to Volunteer at the Faire? 

This is the Form you need; you'll find more information on the Volunteer page

Below you should find information and applications you may need if you're planning to join us at ALMFF!​​

If you don't find what you need, please call 251-423-1257 or email


forms from previous years will not be accepted

Vendors and Merchants

Meet our Vendor coordinator team!

Nancy Ardoin 251-423-1257

Deborah Haire 334-368-4342

​Ro Terry  334-399-3214

​You may pay your vendor fees with PayPal. 

The email to use to do that is

If you have an EBay, Etsy or FB store or booking page and are joining us at Faire, we will give you a live link from the site! It's our way of saying welcome.

Joining us as a Faire Merchant? 

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