Canterbury Tailors

Master Gene and Mistress Bev have an enchanted booth space with everything from medieval and pirate clothing to interesting what's its from around the world!

Henderson Hearth

Amy Guilbeau enjoyed working at her local Ren Faire during the season to spend some time away from her traditional desk job. Over the years an idea was hatching to blend her love of cooking, fascination with history and pride in her Scottish heritage. In 2013, Henderson’s Hearth was born. Taking her mothers maiden name for the company. Now Henderson’s Hearth brings the traditional Celtic recipes for soups and baked goods, in the form of easy to prepare mixes, to 5 states and on-line at the website. Oh, and let’s not forget those jams! Amy has been participating in ALMFF since the first year and is proud to be a resident of the Keep! 

Well Met and Welcome

Patterson Creations

LARPing weapons galore


Dragonfly Armoury

​Hand crafted children's wooden toys, swords,shields and crossbows

Dragonfly Armory

Wondrous works!

Grace Bound Creations

Beautiful handcrafted chain jewelry

Viking Leather

Brad and Leif have a very distinctive cut leather work style that is famous throughout the nine realms.

Caledonia Cloth

Marvel at the gorgeous handwoven textiles​

K&D Castings

Amazing & beautiful concrete castings for your castle or garden!

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The Unicorns Glade

​An eclectic group of gift ware

Retriever Soapworks

The soap Master Merry & Mistress Erden make is of such fine quality that they are the Soapmakers to the Royal Court of DragonCroft. Using milk from their own goats and combining them with oils and simples from throughout the Seven Kingdoms, their soaps are a feast for the senses - they now only smell good, they feel good when you use them!​

Alas, they can not bring their goats nor will there be a beard contest at the Christmas Market (both are greatly appreciated at Faire!). But make haste to come try their beard oil - King Gregory himself makes use of it!

The Rusty Rose

For all things Lilla Rose

Christmas at the Keep is brought to you in response to the Question:

"Where can we find good quality faire and festival wear, accoutrements, art and such before faire?" and "Where can I get gifts for my medieval faire loving friends and family?"

​This is also the day of the King's Yule Feast. The feast begins at 5:30 pm with Kingdom honors and distinctions and concludes with entertainment, 5 sumptuous courses 

Tickets for the feast  are $35 per person 

​Here's your chance to see and shop a medieval village at Yule! The Market is open on December 14 from 10 am until 5 pm. Entry is FREE but please understand that this is NOT a faire. 

No jousting or performers but a great artisan crafted Christmas shopping event where you will find amazing, artisan crafted, one of a kind gifts for your entire Christmas list.

Below are a few of the vendors and artisans that will be setting up for this event.

Want to sell your wares at the Medieval Market?

The Creative Little Artisans


Medieval costuming, crochet and wood work

something for everyone

Iron Oak Forge

The young master Smith Bradey will be on hand with his hand forged wares

 Nutt’N Better

For years Bobby Guilbeau has indulged his love of cinnamon roasted nuts at regional faires. This brought him to an appreciation for the craft and led to him learning to make the delectable treats. Now he’s bringing them to Dragoncroft to share what he’s learned! Roasted fresh on site, just follow the aroma to Nutt’N Better and ask for a sample! 


Yule Feast Tickets

All Feast tickets must be purchased in advance, none will be available on the day of the Feast.
All ages are now welcome at the banqueting table. Ticket price is the same regardless of age.
Seating in Oak Hall is EXTREMELY limited, so reserve your place at the Feast and purchase your ticket NOW through PayPal using the Add to Cart button

In Old Norse, the word "folkvardr" meant

'guardian of the folk'.

Folkvardrs Heathen Supply, LLC is committed to guarding our history and heritage for future generations, and it is our pleasure to offer you a
growing selection of products chosen to celebrate that heritage.