Photos courtesy of Shari Prestwood

Rat Puck with the Admiral
Come meet  Fredrick the Black, Admiral of the Kings Navy and Rat Master, and Captain Serger O'Connell!
Learn the history and then compete in the game with the admiral and the captain
at 2pm upon the village green.

​Crown Stage

10:00 Kymyr

11:45 Chaste Treasure

1:00 Ember

2:00 Haggis Rampart

3:00 Commedia Del Arte

4:30 Chaste Treasure


Pixie Hollow Stage

10:15 Haggis Rampart

11:15 Ember

12:15 Friar Finnigan

1:15 Joey 5

2:15 Chaste Treasure

3:15 Friar Finnigan

4:15 Haggis Rampart


Halfway Hideaway Stage

11:00 Pocket the Fool

12:00 Joey 5

1:00 Kymyr

2:00 Ember

3:00 Joey 5


Kracker Dan Minstrel Stage

11:15 Kracker Dan

1:15 Kracker Dan

3:15 Kracker Dan


In the Lanes

Pocket the Fool

Joey 5

Petit Jamila
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The Royal Jousting Competition

Featuring the New Riders of the Golden Age,
shall take place upon the Field of Valor.

At the hours of
10:30am - Gaming Show ( Meet the Duke & Duchess)
12:30- Pointed Jousting (Meet the King & Queen)
4pm - Pointed Jousting ( Meet the Baroness)

The Feast at Oak Hall

This year the crown and court will be having lunch under oak hall. See how a medieval feast would have been done! The public is invited to purchase a meal or snack from one of our amazing food vendors and come join us. Seating is limited so come a bit early, but be sure not to sit at any RESERVED place settings please.

​Come in, watch, learn and enjoy!

Come to the Royal Pavilion and let them meet the King, Queen and court.
3:20pm at the Royal Pavilion

Commedia  del Arte Mobile

and Tanglewood Productions brings you,


​12pm  on the Crown stage both Saturday and Sunday


9:50 opening ceremony begins


​​10-10:15 meet our Majesties and court

​10:30  Joust /Presided by Duke Peter Bruce and Duchess Christina

10:45-11:15  on the Queens Garden: Saturday's Garb/  Medieval Costume Contest . Come dressed to impress  the cast, and crowd. (family friendly of course!)

All winning entrants may join the Royal Procession at 12:00 noon

2nd place: entry for one into the days festival & a seat in the royal joust box

 1st place: entry for two into days festival, a seat for 2 in the Royal box for the joust and

a  Collectible Medallion.

11:30  Winged Ambassador Raptor Show

​Noon  Peasant Court and demonstration feast under Oak Hall

12:45 Royal Procession from Oak Hall 

1:00 Royal Joust Presided by King Gregory & Queen Annwynn

​1:30 Winged Ambassador Raptor Show

​2:00 Rat Puck with Admiral Fredrick the Black & the Captain upon the village green

​3:00 Winged Ambassador Raptor Show

​3:20 Court in residence at the Royal Pavilion

​4:00 Fairy Tea in the Whispering Woods

​4:00 Joust/Presided by the Marquise and Baroness 

Fairy Tea
 The wonderful folks from The Copper Kettle Tea  Bar (Foley, AL) serve  a special fairy tea in the fairy realm at the hour 4, on Saturday and Sunday, come by and enjoy a bit of Etiquette and a spot of tea with them and perhaps even Queen Annwynn herself will be there. Seating is very limited for this event! You may register at the Copper Kettle Tea bar through the front gate and to the left.

The Winged Ambassadors Raptor Bird Demonstrations
Come watch Falconry at it's finest.
Learn about our raptor friends

11:30 am  1:30 and 3:00 pm beside the field of valor

Lord William of Lincolnshire

Herald & Steward to his Majesty King of Firenze
Will be traveling from his northern kingdom to teaching the dance classes upon the Queens Garden on all  days this year! He will also be hosting the Costume competition this season.
Don't miss this opportunity to learn to impress the kingdom lords and ladies! 

photo courtesy of

Ty Baka.

2019 Stage Schedule

Beard Contest

Judged by theLadies of Chaste Treasure

2:00 on Saturday & Sunday

at Retriever Soapworks

(Knight's Cross, across from the Joust)