The 2019 festival was a smashing success!

King Gregory and Queen Annwyn

offer their heartfelt thanks, humble gratitude and congratulations

to all who had a hand in the making of a truly wondrous

weekend, and remind all that we will do it again

March 28th & 29th 2020

Loving Arts and Culture
No pets but service dogs are welcome

P O S T  P O N E D

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Hear ye hear ye, by order of King Gregory the Great and Queen Annwynn,  visitors from the 7 realms take heed!  Make note of the Steadfast laws of the Kingdom of Dragon Croft .

First and foremost….All weapons MUST be peace tied. Any weapon found in the kingdom that is not peace tied will be confiscated to the great gate and may or maynot (depending on the crime)be claimed at close of day. This law is necessary to the peace , safety and merriment of the entire kingdom and is enforced most stringently BE WARNED!!

2 Pray thee do not throw thy rolled tobacco upon the ground, it upsets the fairy folk ,the fish crawl out at night as well and smoke them and our Queen is trying to get them to quit. You will notice RED butt buckets all around the kingdom please be sure to make use of them. Failure to follow this law will result in you donating 30 minutes to be a Butt picker on the site!

3 Fairy cans are scattered about the kingdom they are white as linen or blue as the sky and have been gifted to the realm to help keep our fair and beautiful kingdom as green and lovely as it can be. Deposit your trash into them PLEASE. The fairies will be most unhappy if you do not! And be quite unlucky to those who do not pay heed.

4. NO PETS. As lovers of our own fur family we are sorry, however the insurers of the kingdom will not allow them at this time. There are many working animals onsite of differing types so they choose to err on the side of caution.

As per the A.D.A and the D.O.J., we do not consider emotional support dogs as "Service Animals".

Certified service animals (with your certification badge, immunization record and dog vest) are always welcome.

The Ren Cruise



Where educational history comes to life
​4776 Fort Dale Rd., Greenville Alabama
March 28th & 29th 2020

​10am till 5pm   Rain or shine!


Visit a link below...go ahead, you know you wish to.

Tickets for Faire in  2020

Tickets may be purchased at the gate or online.

We are not set up for credit and debit cards yet, so cash is king!

Please NOTE: Our festival is in a rustic outdoor setting, there are creeks, a pond, wild life and uneven ground among other things PLEASE keep an extra good eye on your children.

Tickets for this years event:

$15 Adults

$7 Kids 

Children  5 and under are always free

Purchase online in advance to skip the ticket line

​on the day of the festival.

Your receipt is your ticket - It MUST be printed

and presented at the gate for entry​!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Due to concerns over the COVID-19 viral outbreak, and to comply with state mandates, the Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival has been Postponed.  We will post here on the website the new dates for the faire, once they are made available.  We are saddened by this development, but want everyone healthy and happy.  Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!

Due to the VERY limited wifi on our site you MUST have your printed receipt for entry!!


There is no entry without your printed receipt!ur 

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Welcome traveler!

You have happened upon the Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival...

 An informative, fun, educational, and family friendly, interactive entertainment experience that is unplugged from today’s high stress rat race. The moment you step through the gates of the Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival and into the Kingdom of Dragon Croft, the technological, digitally-addicted, 21st Century life as you know it starts to vanish into the cool ,wooded landscape and your transition to the year 817 begins. Although we take a broad sweep of history embracing from Vikings to King Arthur and from Robin Hood through Queen Elizabeth or about 800 - 1600 AD, our event is based in the 800's.  This Festival will be held each year. We will be adding days and weekends along with other events as we go along so check back often for updates.

Dates for this years event: March 28th and 29th 2020 

Entertainment, education, and pageantry prevail as history lives and breathes along with hundreds of costumed characters  and craftsmen             re-creating a 9th century marketplace. The Kingdom Of Dragon Croft is nestled among the forests, and rolling hills and meadows of a 30+-acre site just off Interstate 65 in beautiful Greenville, Alabama.

  With merchants aplenty, cottages, kitchens, and stages, filled with activities, music, comedy and theater, food and drink, fine hand-made arts and crafts, historical artisan demonstrations, games, falconry, jousting, sword play, and so much more, there is indeed something for the entire family.

  March 28th & 29th 2020

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Board your pets near the faire.

A gentle reminder of Rule #4

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